Meals Provided to Summer Day Camp Children

As a leader in child care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ottawa YMCA is prepared to partner with our local school district to address the challenge families face during the summer to provide nutritious food for their children. Ottawa Elementary School Director of Nutrition Vicki McConnell has expanded the program from last year of providing breakfast and snack to also providing lunch for summer 2021. Over 150 children who have registered for the YMCA Summer camp program will enjoy healthy nourishing food while also feeding their minds and spirits while attending camp. This collaboration with help ease the burden of parents who are still recovering from financial concerns brought on by the pandemic.

Guylene Strange, YMCA Youth and Family Director, is excited to be able to offer many camp activities to engage brains, exploration rotations to encourage kids to try new things, and plenty of physical activity and games to keep bodies moving this summer.



June 4th, 2021