A Y for All Community Members

Everyone belongs at the Y, regardless of ability to pay. We are committed to ensuring every community member, has access to our Ys. Our Financial Assistance program enables all individuals and families to become active members and participants at a rate that fits their budgets.

This program is possible thanks to the many generous donors who support the YMCA’s Annual Campaign —100% of donations made to the Y help support kids, adults and families in our communities.

What do I need to apply for a scholarship?

At the time of appointment you will need to bring in proof of all income from everyone in the household whether or not they are included on membership.  These items include but are not limited to:

  • Most recent Federal Tax Returns and/or W2’s for all in household
  • Documentation of Unemployment, S.S. or Disability Payments for everyone in household.
  • Child Support documentation
  • Public Aid/Government Assistance including documents showing food stamp amount.
  • Any other income or support (ex. letter from parent showing support), may require documentation of support person’s income.
  • Two most recent pay stubs for everyone working in household.
  • Your bank account and routing number for your checking or savings account if you wish to bank draft payments


How do I make an appointment?

Appointments are made by calling 815-433-2395 and asking for Kelly

If you are unable to make an appointment please call and cancel a minimum of an hour BEFORE appointment time. We have a limited number of appointment times so it is very important to be ON TIME and with ALL PAPERWORK AND PROOF OF INCOME and $20 APPLICATION FEE. 

Can I pay my assessed amount over-the counter?

No, we no longer accept over-the counter payments for scholarship memberships. You may pay membership in full or have payments taken monthly from a checking, savings account, or a credit card that is not a debit card. Please bring banking information to appointment. If any form of payment is returned with insufficient funds the membership will be canceled immediately.

In the past I have received program scholarships, are those still available?

We are concentrating our funding of scholarships primarily to provide memberships to the community. We are unable to provide program scholarships to those with less than the most extreme circumstances. These scholarships will be assessed by the same income criteria as our membership scholarships on a very limited basis. Areas in which request for assistance will be considered are Day Camp, Afterschool Program, and Preschool. Doctor requested exercise classes will also be considered. 

Scholarship Form

Membership Form

Membership Agreement