For a Better Us

Did you know that no one is ever turned away from the Y due to inability to pay? This special promise means that every child and family will have an opportunity to participate in the Y regardless of their household or personal income. This remarkable commitment by the Y is made possible by the generous contributions of our members and friends who, like you, believe in the Y’s ability to help strengthen the lives of kids and families in our community.

Y experiences help children develop valuable skills, gain confidence, and build self-esteem. Each of these programs help young people develop important values such as honesty, respect, responsibility, and caring, which serve as the foundation from which good decisions can be made for the rest of their lives.

While the economy appears to be improving, there is still significant need for support. Our goal is to provide financial assistance to kids and families from our community so they can experience the positive values and sense of belonging made possible by the Y, and we need your help to achieve it. Your gift does more than help kids get involved-it serves as a call to action to others who recognize your devotion and commitment to the Y’s mission.

This is a powerful statement on behalf of the Y and one I hope you can take advantage of. Our Annual Support Campaign, For a Better Us, is one way to do so. To play a part in the postive impact we are making on our community, please consider donating today Donate Now. Please also plan on attending our yearly fundraising event in February. All the money raised goes directly to our Partners In Youth Campaign.

Brad Federow Trust
Nucor Tubular Products - Phil Alonzo

Ottawa Dental Lab- Luke & Cathy Caruso
Child Welfare Guild - Barb Davey

Ann Burton Estate
Daniel & Sue Aussem
Bill Walsh Auto Group - Bill Walsh, Jr.
Kerry & Pat Bryson
Debbie & Bill Burns
Joe Capece
Bob Castelli
Dr. Hunter & Jeanne Davis
Phil & Patti Devermann
Corlene Dougherty
Bob Eschbach
Kane & Joanne Farabaugh
First Federal Savings Bank - Konni Rodeghier
Dr. James & Suzanne Gallai
Tom & Sandy Heimsoth
HR Imaging - Ryan Reynolds
Illinois Valley Construction - Dan Aussem
Income Tax Etc. - Pat Campbell
In Memory of Pamela H. Greenleaf
Joe & Jan Martin
Mueller Funeral Home - Art & Ellen Mueller
Mike & Joy Nevins
Steve & Jean Omolecki
OSF Healthcare System - Dawn Trompeter
Ottawa Funeral Home - Nelson Nussbaum
Ottawa Noon Rotary - Jeremy Reed
Ottawa Savings Bank - Jon Kranov
Mark & Cathy Platt
Red's Truck Repair - Michael & Lois Haage
Trinity Lutheran Church - Nathan Feig & Brad Gromm
Geoff & Kari Vezain
Harshavadan Vyas, MD

DONORS ($1-$999)
Jenny Abernathy
Emily Alexander
Amy Anderson
Michelle Anton
Jeanne Armstrong
Billie Armstrong
B.A.S.H. - Cody & Chanel Renkosik
Joel & Anne  Barlow
Tammy Barry
Larry Bartman
Christine  Benson
Terri Blunk
Austin Boswell
Carlie Brandow
Judy Brandow
Bonnie Bray
Margaret Brewer
Amanda Brockman
Jim & Joan Brooke
Ken & Sharon Brown
David Brozovich
Beth  Bute
Kerry Caba
Troy Callaway
Michele Callaway
Pat Campbell
Cantlin Law Firm - Jack Cantlin
Carlson Autobody - Gary Carlson
Steve & Diane Carr
Joel   Cechowicz
Mary Clagget
Kay Classon
Allison Clift
Jeff & Allison Clift
Joe & Bonnie Coglianese
Steve & Jennifer Cottingham
Jennifer Crysler
Mary Cushing
Linda Dannenberger
Michelle Day
Russell  DeVerteuil
Kelli DeWalt
Katherine Doyle
Peg Dunavan
Genevieve Dvorak
Giles & Kim Eddy
Linda Evensen
Kathleen Farrell
Angie Fasking
Colleen Fennessey
Financial Plus Credit Union - Lee Wilkins
First National Bank - Karla Jones
First Presbyterian Church - Ron Koestler
Linda Ford
Jim Fultz
Jean & Brian Garland
Pamela Gatewood
George Ferenzi & Associates - Rita Poruba
Gladfelter Funeral Home - Nelson Nussbaum
Wendy Goetsch
Janee Goetz
Nancy Gratz
Marvin Graunke
Cheri Gumm
Cynthia Hagenbuch
Linda Hallam
Shirley Harbeck
Valerie Harris
Don Harris
Kay Harvey
Eleanor Heckman
Greg Hess
Burt & Sharon Hess
Jacob Hess
Ryan Hess
Laura Hougas
Brian Huebner
Illinois Office Supply - Peggy Keeney
Illinois Valley Labor Management - Dan Aussem
Don & Arlene Jackson
Kris Jackson
Larry Speed and Jean Eltrevoog
Shelly Joanis
Sue Jobst
Janee Johnson
Linda Johnson
Patricia Kammerer
Julia Katrein
Nancy Klaassen
Peg Kramer
Renee Kranov
Lisa Landis
Larry & Diane Langston
Laurie  Lehr
Jack & Jackie Leininger
Mary Beth & Jay LeSeure
Mary Levy
Dale & Rene Lindorff
Gloria Lontoc
Roland Lowe II
Barbara Lyons
Beth & Rick Mangold
David Manigold
Sara Markey
Frank Markey
Dave & Colleen McClure
Cheri McConnaughay
Dan & Toni McGinnis
Mike & Debby McGrath
Bonnie McGrogan
Jerrine McIntyre
Jodi McLean
Theresa McTaggart
Midland State Bank - Doug Patterson
Paulette Miller
Tyler Mooney
Cathy Mooney
Katie Morris
Cheryl Mounts
Marlene Murphy
Tom & Kim Nanouski
Ellen Nelson
John & Glenda Nordstrom
Andrea Norton
Amy Novario
Nelson Nussbaum, Jr.
Rita O'Donnell
Clara O'Neal
Ottawa Business Builders - Karen Barton
Ottawa FireFighters Local 523
Ottawa Prayer Center - Tyler Cook
Ottawa YMCA Preschool
Christy Ovanic
Paglis Properties - Robert Paglis
Melissa Pate
Kelly Petterson
Ginny Phillips
Stephen Pitstick
Robert Purcell
Mike & Debby Reagan
Tracy Regalado
Gina Rice
Konni & Jim Rodeghier
Michael & Tina Rowe
Anne Schneider
Kathy Schultz
Brandon Seggerbrunch
Clare & Yvonne Serby
Shamrock Slots - Lee Perry
George & Kelly Shanley
Carol Siebert-Link
Kay Smith
State Farm Insurance - Brett & Mary Dyche
Amy Stetter
Guylene Strange
Nichol Strange
Jordan Strange
Superwash - Barry Russell
Jennifer Swanson
Karen Szewczuk
Jana Taylor
Thomas Tegtmeyer
Joe & Bonnie Terrones
Kent  Terry
The Hair Studio - Barbara Crowley
Jayson & Laura Thiry
Cleve & Mylinda Threadgill
Timothy Creedon Law Firm - Timothy Creedon
Tone's Cones - Leslie Shanley
Sharon Torres
Katie Trupiano
Allen Tucek
Nancy Tuftie
Voula Voux
Matthew Walker
John & Debbie Walker
Damen Watson
Karole Wilson
Diana Windy
Sandra Wisniewski
Vicki Witczak
Carley Wood
Julie Wood
Robert Yuhas
Laura Zarwell
John Zavada