Things You Need to Know

 Our YMCA has policies in place for the benefit, safety and welfare of our members, guests and our organization. All policies are approved by the YMCA Board of Directors.




All members are required to check in at the Welcome Desk. All members must have their membership card when checking in.


Please stop by our Welcome Desk to update any changes with your personal information.


We must adhere to State and Federal restrictions 
in the rules of our facility. These rules may change 
and we will adjust as they do. We are now only open
for members of our YMCA. We cannot accept guests
or members of other YMCA’s at this time. 

Children must be 16 years of age and older unless 
accompanied by a parent or guardian or signed up for
a YMCA program.

Masks will need to be worn in all common areas and
temperatures will be taken upon entering the Y.
When exercising masks may be removed.

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Guest/Membership Policies

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