We appreciate all the positive messages of support these last few days. We are grateful to have 
such a strong Y community - supporting each other and our YMCA. 

As our Y responds to our community’s needs during this unprecedented time, we ask that you 
retain your membership with us. Not as a facility member, but as a cause-driven member. Your 
membership fees enable our Y to help the community, support our employees, and remain strong
through these extraordinary circumstances. 

We realize that not all of you will be able to do that, but if you can, we’re asking that you stay
with us, as we respond to and support our neighbors and community – together. Staying with us 
ensures our Y remains strong during this difficult time and is poised to help and support those 
neighbors who need us most. Our hope is that this suspension in services will be brief. 
We are committed to working safely and confidently as we move through and emerge from this
health crisis together.

Thank you for your partnership, your patience, and your trust. Your participation and engagement 
make our YMCA the organization it is. The Y is not a place. It is a collection of people joined 
together, all of us, committed to improving lives and strengthening the community. 

If you do need to pause your membership, we are happy to assist with that. Please contact 
our Service Desk at 815-433-2395 or email by Wed. 
March 31st. We are going to keep our regular membership drafts active at this time. 
So, if you have a draft normally scheduled on the 15th of the month, it will go through 
unless you tell us otherwise.

Thank you for being patient while we work on decisions and logistics behind the scenes. These are
hard times for everyone with many unknowns. We know that our community relies on our YMCA 
not only as a place to be active and exercise, but also as a safe space where we can come together
to build connections and find friendships.

Now, more than ever, we need to band together to provide friends and families with the help and 
encouragement they need during these uncertain times. We are asking you to #StayWithUs as a 
cause-driven member so that we can continue our mission of strengthening community.

March 30th, 2020